Faith is a Bible-centered church existing to display God’s glory. 

Faith Bible Fellowship Church

As a Bible Fellowship Church, we believe the Bible is the highest and final authority in this life. We also believe it is fully sufficient for the Christian life, a life of obedience and worship. Here is what we believe the Bible to teach. Visit the Bible Fellowship Church website, and,  for a fuller explanation of what we hold to as faith and doctrine.

What we believe the Bible teaches…

It is God's Word.

God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one God, yet distinct in personhood, thus a Trinity

Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human at the same time.

God created the Heaven and the Earth with the use of His Word and Spirit.

Man is created in the Image of God.

But because of the Fall, man is now born in a sinful dead state, unable to merit, work, or do any good for salvation

Jesus' death on the cross was the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

God regenerates His elect, so that they come to Him in faith to receive salvation.

All those who by faith receive Christ's righteousness in exchange for their unrighteousness are justified before God and sealed for eternity.

Jesus' body was resurrected from the grave and He is now ruling in Heaven, expanding His kingdom through His people, the Church.

The church is the Bride of Christ set on a mission by Him to make disciples.

Jesus is coming again as Savior and Judge for His Bride.