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Faith Bible Fellowship Church

I recently read an interview with a Muslim who was convert by Jesus. He is now a passionate follower and witness to the Savior. A line he gave in the interview struck me, "I realized that to follow Christ was not to follow a 2000 year-old prophet, it was to follow a living Lord".

This line struck me in that it is a truth all followers of Jesus need to be reminded of daily. Yes, Jesus lived, taught, died, and was raised in victory 2000 years ago. But Jesus is still alive, teaching us, saving us from eternal death, and giving us victory over the grave. Jesus words are still true, alive, active, and must be obeyed. He is sitting on the throne as King of all, at this very moment. So it is not about what would Jesus do, but it is about what is Jesus telling us to do right now as Lord of our life, in the power of the Holy Spirit, as He continually teaches us from His Word. Jesus is Lord of life and will always be the living Lord.