Faith Bible Fellowship Church

Preach to Yourself First

The great Puritan preacher John Owen said, "A man only preaches a sermon well to others if he has first preached it to himself. If he does not thrive on the 'food' he prepares, he will not be skilled at making it appetizing for others. If the Word does not dwell in power in us, it will not pass in power from us".

We must preach the Gospel to ourselves before we can ever preach it to others. We must learn to remind ourselves and preach the good news of Jesus to ourselves first each and every day. We must have the Gospel and it's power encompass us before we can ever share it with others. We must be the first to forgive, show mercy, extend love, be filled with joy, and give encouragement; before we are to witness and tell others about the power and grace of Jesus. 

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