Faith Bible Fellowship Church

DVD Review – Escape

Married physicians Paul and Kim leave the U.S. after a heart-breaking loss to begin a new life together as clinic doctors in Thailand.  Shortly after beginning their work, Paul is kidnapped by criminals because one of their gang is severely wounded.  During his captivity, Paul struggles with his lack of belief in God.

Stars C. Thomas Howell and John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings).

Fast Facts

Faith Bible Fellowship Church library has 150 DVDs, including The Nativity Story, Pilgrim's Progress, Sarah's Choice, Fireproof, The War Room, Soul Surfer, God's Not Dead, God's Not Dead 2, and I Can Only Imagine.   DVD selections for children include The Lost Medallion, the Story Keepers series, 3-2-1- Penguins series, and the Veggie Tales series.

We have thousands of books by Christian authors on our shelves in designated areas for children, young adults and adults.  The children's section is further divided by board books, easy readers, and books for children to read on their own. 

Members and regular attenders may check out any library resource, on a self-serve basis, for two weeks.  The librarian is usually in the library between Sunday Bible School and Morning Worship Service to be of assistance.

The library is located in the last room on the left off the upstairs hallway.

25 Pennhurst Rd Spring City