Biblically Based

Scripture is the final authority on all matters.  We preach and teach accurately from the Bible and apply it to our lives.

Believer Equipped

Believers need to use their spiritual gifts to serve the Lord.  It is the ministry of church to equip its members to minister.


Adapt our worship, outreach, and ministries to meet people where they are to minister to them without compromising

biblical absolutes and scripture.  The goal is to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ in an understandable way. 

Growth Committed

Commit to making believers disciples through biblical instruction, opportunities for service and ministry, and godly examples.

Outreach Oriented

Provide a welcoming, friendly environment to reach the people in our community for Christ.

Purpose Driven

Guided by our purposes: Evangelism, Worship, Discipleship and Service. All our ministries must fit our purposes.

Under Construction!!



Faith Bible Fellowship Church exists: to bring people a saving faith in Jesus Christ (Evangelize), to lead people in God-honoring worship (Worship), to disciple people so they can mature spiritually (Discipleship), and to direct people into ministry to serve God (Service).

Faith Bible Fellowship Church

25 Pennhurst Rd Spring City